Dq1000 Mass Spectrometer

Mass Spec Chemical Profiling of Gas Composition in Real Time at Wellsite with the Dq1000 Divining Quad

Dq1000 quadrapole mass analyzerThe Dq1000 is a portable quadrapole mass analyzer for use on drilling wells. It replaces all conventional gas detectors. It analyzes C1-C10 petroleum species, and inorganic compounds such as CO2, He, N2, O2 and sulfur bearing volatiles. It can discriminate among paraffins, naphthenes and aromatics, as well as contributions from the drilling fluid.

The Dq1000 is capable of delineating charged zones, petroleum type, compartmentalization, fluid contacts and seals to a much greater extent than conventional instrumentation. Interpretation of data follows from our 18 years of experience with subsurface fluid chemistry

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